Two music fans, who have come a long way
from cassette-player listeners and vinyl collectors
to professional djs and house music producers.


  Housetronix is a electronic music project consisting of two djs & producers: Alik Leto & Victores. Their main objective is producing quality house music and reaching the highest possible levels in the world dance music industry.The variety of music genres they produce is rather big from deep house tracks to prime time club bangers to tracks which can be played in the beginning or in the end of the party. Only one thing is always the same: each and every track from Housetronix is a brand new dance music, made with all the quality standards of the industry.


 With the releases on Urbana Recordings, Hotfingers Records, Underground Mjuzieek Digital, Citrusonic Recordings and Fetch Records, 2016 is a very productive year for them with great feedbacks and support from the industry monsters like Roger Sanchez & Wally Lopez, remixing Boy George and David Penn plus important release on Horatio's label Natural Rhythm.  Mark Knight has added Housetronix -  VOZES DA SAVANA to his Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 WEAPONS chart on Beatport. Their future plans are to go further, developing their unique sound & collaborating with Horatio and other artists as well as producing their own tracks and  remixes. Their discography also includes releases on the Russian label Triori Rec (Housetronix Remix for Deezdlux Feat Tori - Sunlight came out in September 2015), Mexican label Red Delicious (Real Love EP), Dominican label MadCity Records with their single "And We Danced".

  Alik Leto - dj, producer, studio-engineer and sound-designer began his career in early 90s. He performed in Russian electronic bands Fomalgaut and El Cosmo Group. He made lots of music in different electronic genres and styles and has many releases in Germany, France and Austria. In the 90's Alik Leto has worked at Solaris Station - one of the Moscow's most famous underground music studios.At the same time he was the resident dj in the legendary Moscow's jazz club Mirage where he had the chance to work on the one of the best sound systems in Russia and where world most famous jazzmen performed. Many years Alik Leto had a dj-residency in Moscow's dance club The Real McCoy as well as in the other clubs and fashionable cafes in Moscow. From 2004 Alik Leto is the official dj of the Comedy Club Moscow Style - famous TV show - one of the most popular in Russia. During this long period of time, Alik Leto has gained a major experience in studio work, he knows exactly how the things have to sound properly, as well as a dj, being a resident in lots of clubs and preparty places in Moscow.

  Alik Leto has many releases including the deep house anthem Musica {Brazilian Girls} (Triori Records), which was released on three different compilations in 2011, among them the world famous Release Yourself Vol.11 (Stealth Records) by Roger Sanchez!

  Victores began his dj career in 1995. He always had a passion for good and quality music and in 1999 after graduating from university he decided to start working with music professionally. During many years he accumulated the experience and developed his musical taste while playing in different clubs and bars in Moscow. He always chose the professional side of a dj work. Influenced by world known djs: Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, David Morales, Louie Vega, Chus & Ceballos, he always tries to play differently from his Russian colleagues, play in a way the djs don't play in Russia, always giving 100 percent to the crowd and using the gear in full effect.

  Victores didn't like much the general situation with the dance music in Russia , for this reason plus the experience and knowledge reached during all these years made him to take a decision to start producing. His own productions & collaborations are played & supported by Roger Sanchez, Boy George, David Penn among others. Victores regularly plays now in one of the Moscow top venues - Duran Bar.

  Housetronix - are two professional and experienced djs. Each one uses his own technical and esthetic skills while playing sets, performing in the club and rocking the crowd. Housetronix dj-sessions is always fun, madness (in a good way), brand new, interesting and quality music. Both djs have skills to make their sets dynamic, using the new technologies, effects, creating mashups on the fly, responding and following the latest standards and highest levels of the industry.

  Housetronix. Two music fans, who have come a long way from cassette-player listeners and vinyl collectors to professional djs and house music producers.




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